1. How do Paleo Grind spice blends ship? Can you ship internationally?

We ship all of our spices with love! But if you're asking about carriers, we use USPS. Shipping is free on all orders in the USA. It'll cost you $25 for shipping to Canada, and $25 for up to 4lbs or $50 for 4-10lbs for international shipping. If you are ordering more than 12 spices, please contact us for shipping rates. 

2. Are Paleo Grind spice blends gluten free? Do they contain preservatives, GMOs or MSG?

Yes, our spice blends are gluten free. No, they don't have preservatives, GMOs or MSG.

3. I made a mistake on my order! Can I change it?
We can try! Please call us immediately at 844-ICE-AGE-1 and we'll see what we can do.

4. Can I order Paleo Grind spice blends in bulk?
Sure thing. If you have a hankering for 100 bottles or more of any of our spices, give us a ring and we'll get you sorted out.

5. Can I buy Paleo Grind spice blends in any stores?
If you're local, stop by our storefront on 4782 Caughlin Parkway, Suite 503. We're all the way on the right if you're facing the Scolari's, kind of tucked behind the Wells Fargo, so keep looking! Otherwise, Paleo Grind spices can only be purchased right here on this website.

6. I have food allergies. Are these spices safe for me?
Our ingredients are all pure and high quality. What you see is what you get, so read the ingredient lists carefully (you'll find them on the individual spice pages and on the bottles) to screen for anything problematic for you.

7. What's the sodium content of your spices?
We don't have this information just yet.